Rouvy Mobile!

Rouvy lets you ride anywhere in the world with nothing but your bike, compatible stationary trainer and a Bluetooth Smart enabled speed & cadence sensor. Rouvy will calculate your power output based on your speed, the profile of the course and the type of trainer youre using. Visit the detail list of compatible devices at Features: Ride virtually 3 different ways- with speed/cadence sensors, power meters or smart trainers Improve your pedal technique with Rouvy Virtues - Advanced Pedal Metrics Synchronize TrainingPeaks Workout of the Day Rouvy Guide - Premium video workouts Pair to ANT+ (with Wahoo ANT+ Key) and Bluetooth Smart sensors including Convert speed data into power based on course profiles and compatible trainer resistance curves Ride video courses or GPS profiles Create custom intervals and monitor actual power output real-time versus planned intensity Share post-ride performances with your friends on and keep a training diary Create virtual partners to track pacing and performances relative to course goals