Podcast Player!

This app allows you to listen to audio podcasts and to watch video podcasts on your Apple TV.With this app - Podcast Player by Ohisu LLC - you can do the following:- subscribe to podcasts by using the URL of podcast feeds (RSS with enclosure tag)- subscribe to podcasts by looking for them in the Look for Podcasts tab and then adding the podcasts to the Subscribed Podcasts tab without having to enter URL manually- podcasts are being streamed not downloaded, so this app doesnt consume any of the precious storage- podcast episodes description, podcast image, episode URL, episode image and feed URL are being displayed so that you can get additional info about played podcasts- users can queue podcast episodes to play them in succession, plus users can also play them in a loop - ideal for professional applications, like a kiosk display, or for learning purposes- use the touch surface of your remote: use horizontal swipe to smoothly fast forward parts of a podcast or to rewind it. Use vertical swipe to display additional information about the currently playing podcast - the button labeled Check for New Episodes in the Subscribed Podcasts tab enables semi-automatic checking for new episodes: user needs to select just 1 button to check all subscribed podcasts for newly published (but unplayed and unqueued) episodes and to add all those new episodes to the Queued Episodes tab