ROADYO allows the drivers to find you in minutes and quickly get you where you want to go. Its fantastic to get a ride on demand or in advance with just a tap on your phone, track your drivers and keep them in touch then pay seamlessly with cards Check out the apps outstanding features below:GO ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME WITH YOUR ALWAYS THERE CAR Book in seconds and your car is on its way Request a car immediately or pre book it for your scheduled travelSEE YOUR CAR APPROACH IN REAL TIME Miss nothing of your drivers contact information Be fully informed of the cars statuses via the real time mapsMAKE PAYMENT EFFORTLESSLY Catch full estimation of your fare before riding Generate more fast and secure transactions with flexible payment methodREVIEW YOUR TRAVELLING HISTORY WHENEVER YOU WANT Follow every detail of your riding history stored in the app Enjoy a better way of managing your personal booking process To get more information about ROADYO, please visit: www.roadyoride.comIf you have questions about this app or would like to provide feedback, please email us at: [email protected]