PlayBacker for iPad!

PlayBacker for iOS series are the audio file player application which make it enabled more advanced audio playback on iOS.PlayBacker for iPad is mounted 2 Decks and Crossfader, each deck has functions that Auto Pause Auto Cue and Repeat. The application can read audio files from anywhere on device like Music Library File Sync and iCloud Drive. Displaying ModeLandscape -> 2 decks Portrait -> Single deck displayedSlide Over / Split View compatible Controls- Auto Pause- Auto Cue- 1 Track Repeat- Wave View / Cueing on waveform- Volume Fader / Level Meters Extended Controls- All Tracks Repeat- Skip Tail : skip silence of tracks end- Wave View expandable- Mono Summing- Panning Control Cue List Operations- Direct Select : set as current track with double tap- Next Select : set as next track with single tap Cue List Mode- Rearranging Tracks ( Editing Mode or Drag & Drop )- Track Delete- Track Copy- Track Edit : open Track Editor Track Editor- Editing Display Items- Custom Gain / Scan Peak- Custom Cue- Independent Playback Engine Crossfader- Auto Cross Preferences Items- Output Level ( -6db / 0db )- Auto Cue Level ( -48db / -36db )- Auto Gain : adjust tracks gain at loading- Cross Time : seconds of auto cross- Go Next Track : load next track after auto crossing- Control Trigger : trigger of control buttons ( touch up / touch down ) Cue Manager- Save / Open / Update Cues*) PlayBacker for iOS series cannot open DRM protected files.