Pixel Master!

Pixel Master is an App for making custom pixel drawings and animations. Plenty of tools, effects, and export options give you the freedom to create and share your art for fun or professional use. *smooth-as-silk pixel drawing, not your typical dot clicker- this feels amazing *import and pixalate your photos and artwork*create animate gifs and movies for social media and messaging apps*great pixel tools including zoom, rotate, flip, and color effects*share your final work through social media, email, or save to your photo library*create and sample custom colors or use the easy pick palette*onion skin feature for easier animation *seperate background layer in animation mode*handy-dandy undo feature*save and store up to 49 projects on your device*built in 8-bit font for placing text in your picture*stamp tool with dozens of built-in pictures*custom project sizes: 8x8 to 512x512 pixels *export sprite sheets, animated gifs, video, or single .png files*basic or advanced mode for simple drawings or complex animations*easily copy, move, and paste frames or selections across your project*up to 99 frames of animation per project*two switchable modes: single frame art, or multi-frame animation*import and export your projects via copy and paste text