Music Tool LE!

Chosen by BestEducationalApps as one of the Top 5 Music Theory Apps for iPad - For music teachers wondering how to get their students to practice chord progressions and new theory topics at home, Music Tool could be the solution. This app is a simple dashboard of notes and chords that make those elements sound out when you tap them. This version includes all 63 scales Scales Included:MajorNatural (Natural)3 Semitone4 Semitone6th Harmonic MinArabicAugmentedBalineseBebop 1/2 DimBebop MajorBebop Minor #1Bebop Minor #2Bebop DominantBluesChineseChromaticDiminished (HW)Diminished (WH)Diminished Whole ToneDouble HarmonicEgyptianEnigmaticFlamenco1/2 Dim #1(Locrian)1/2 Dim #2(Locrian 2)Harmonic MajorHarmonic MinorHinduHungarian GypsyHungarian MajorHungarian MinorIn SenIndianJapaneseJapanese HirajoshiJapanese IwatoJavaneseLeading Whole ToneLocrian MajorLydianLydian AugmentedLydian DominantLydian MinorMarva (Indian)Melodic Minor (asc)Minor (Dorian)Mixolydian Dom 7thMixolydian AugNeapolitan MajorNeapolitan MinorOrientalPelog (Balinese)Pentatonic MajorPentatonic MinorPersianPhrygianRock & RollRomanianSpanish 8 ToneJewish/SpanishTodi (Indian)Ultra LocrianWhole Tone