The OpenEye MDVR allows you to view live video remotely from any OpenEye E-Series, N-Series, H-Series, or X-Series recorder using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Connect over 3G/4G/LTE or WiFi network to your Commercial or Professional grade recorder for mobile surveillance and situational awareness. KNOWN ISSUES: May disconnect when used on recorders running Server version below 4.50.4204.PRODUCT SUPPORT: OE3 E-Series Rev A (Firmware v2.0.0.5+) OE3 E-Series Rev B (Firmware v3.0.0.6+) OE-EMAX/OE-ESLIM (Firmware v1.3.3.7+) X-Series Recorders (Server v4.50.4204+) N-Series Recorders (Server v4.50.4204+) H-Series Recorders (Server v4.50.4204+) Xr-Series Recorders (Server v4.50.4204+)FEATURES: Live Video (Single or Quad view) (Six channel view only available on generation 5 and above) Megapixel camera support (When using Server v4.50.4204+) Basic Search (When using Server v4.50.4204+) (Requires generation 4S and above) PTZ Control (Directional, Zoom and Preset modes) Digital Zoom in Single/Full Screen for Live and SearchFOR MORE INFORMATION:visit