LEWITT Recorder!

LEWITT Recorder // PROFESSIONAL MOBILE RECORDING Never miss a beat again - turn your mobile device into a fully equipped recording deviceTop Applications:// Mobile / outdoor recording// Sample and demo recording// Podcasts and YouTube productions// Music production// Live concerts// Engineered for high quality audio devicesFeatures:// High-quality recordings on the go// Sample rates and bit depths up to 96 kHz/32 bit// Audio FX (Reverb & Compressor)// Separate playback track & overdub recording// Intuitive and quick-to-use interface - practically self-explanatory// Offers a multitude of tools (waveform display, zoom functions, markers, editing functions, PPM/RMS metering, )// Well-conceived archiving system for fast and efficient searches// Add notes, ratings, tags and photos to every recording// Associate photos and notes with the individual markers within a recording// Export your files in many common consumer and professional formats (mp3, aac, wav, ) at numerous bit depths and sampling rates// File transfer via E-mail, iTunes or direct upload to SoundCloud// Share with every app that supports that function (WhatsApp, WeChat, FB messenger, iMovie, dropbox, wifi harddrives, )// AirDrop capability, transmitting and receiving The LEWITT Recorder makes it quick and easy to turn your mobile device into a fully equipped recording device. Alongside basic recording functions, it brings together a multitude of useful tools (wave form display, zoom functions, markers, editing functions, PPM/ RMS metering, etc.). You can send and share files from your iOS device via E-mail, iTunes file sharing and many, many more SoundCloud can be used to release recordings immediately.