Kanbanize - boost your productivity!

Kanbanize will boost your productivity Use the proven power of the Kanban method to apply lean principles to your work. No more team overload No more unclear priorities No more unproductive multi-tasking Kanbanize is a visual management software. Kanbanize for iOS lets you: browse projects and boards look up task details create, move and delete tasks modify tasks (edit title, description, assignee, column, swimlane, priority, color, deadline, size and type) get notified in real time about selected actions from your team split big tasks into smaller subtasks comment on tasks block, edit blocking reason and unblock tasks log time to a task or a subtask find tasks from all boards that are assigned to you, somebody else or nobody, blocked, overdue, with pending deadline search for tasks containing specific search term in the title, description or task ID Add, view and download attachmentsAlso, you can create task reminders that will alert you even if Kanbanize is not running and your phone is locked Happy Kanbanizing :)