KIS OneTouch!

KIS One Touch a mobile and highly flexible solution that is an integral part of the award winning Kings Intelligence Service (KIS) Platform Can be used by stores, store detectives, third party contractors and engineers within the Security, Crime and Risk Prevention sectors to capture real time incidents, complete many types of processes, gathering data at the touch of a button Can be used to streamline and automate processes such as civil recovery, patrol management and health and safety process to improve success rates due to the ease of reporting Delivers real time intelligence sharing of incident alerts/notifications including images securely Key Features Fully Configurable with branding capability for your company- Powered by highly fully configurable e-Form, button and workflow engines Allows raising of any type of incident report by one touch of an on screen button with as much configurable extra data as required in the process Ability to capture and upload evidential media along with the reported incident i.e. captured photos, videos and audio as evidence to support an incident using the device - appears in KIS in a number of seconds as part of the reported incident Live Site information available on demand as per KIS Site page e.g. Statistics, Key holders, Contact Details, Systems, URNs etc. Ability to raise a site specific Service Call directly from the device including System, Reason and Details Ability to trigger CCTV alarms on button selection Map location of Site and Device based on up to date Geo-location (Latitude, Longitude) updated every 15 seconds Ability to read NFC tags into form fields to collect a wide variety of asset, location or other information Devices can be set as NFC Roaming enabled which allows a guard, engineer or other staff member to use the device at multiple sites by placing the device on a programmed NFC tag the process automatically pulls down specific buttons, forms workflow and settings held and managed centrally the secure KIS platform NFC Tag Engineer Check-in/Check-out and Patrol Route Management actions with flexible logic - this provides the features to do full warehouse patrol management, with configurable routes Ability to log into a particular site/store using various methods creating a check in / out activity time sheet Options to collect additional incident details, with advanced rules, after pressing a button Options to include extra information that is incident type specific Option to Confirm Send of the report after selecting a report button Full Push Notification feature to share intelligence with 100s of devices, in seconds, of live Incidents, known Offenders and suspicious Vehicles allowing the recipient to drill down to details to the shared record as well as other directly related records Full transactional logging of user and device actions and map-location - building up detailed evidence of all OneTouch events Full device registration, configuration and management using license keys which enable particular functionalityVisit for more information on Kings Intelligence Services (KIS)