Inuvika OVD!

Inuvika OVD Enterprise is a software platform that delivers virtualized Windows and Linux applications and hosted shared desktops to any device. The Inuvika Enterprise Mobile Client for iOS provides access to applications served from an OVD Enterprise server farm to a device running iOS.Note: An OVD Enterprise hosted shared desktop or application is needed to use the OVD Enterprise Mobile Client for iOS. Contact your IT department for more details.

How can Inuvika benefit your IT team?
# Open Virtual Desktop secure, virtual app delivery for Windows and Linux Inuvika’s **Open Virtual Desktop** enables us to support the Windows and Linux app requirements of our research environment while being able to ‘airlock’ the project data securely within our datacentres Read the case study
David Brown, Head of Informatics Infrastructure, Genomics England Ltd. # Inuvika’s Open Virtual Desktop enables IT to easily manage applications