Innkeeper for Hearthstone - Deck Tracking Made Simple!

Now, the only companion app for Hearthstone that keeps up to date with all card changes as soon as theyre released Innkeeper is the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft companion app that will improve your Hearthstone experience. Best used alongside your favorite Hearthstone iPad app or to complement your fullscreen Hearthstone desktop setup so that you never have to lose sight of your opponent. (See who you played, when you played and if you won ) - Beatiful charting so you can easily see how well youve been doing - Easily search all available cards when constructing your decksA Match and Card Tracker: - Easily see whats in your future with remaining card counts and percent likelihood of drawing each card - Take a peek into the past by seeing what cards youve drawn and when you drew them - Keep track of your wins and losses against the various heroes encountered in HearthstoneFor any feedback, contact us at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter @InnkeeperApp.