HDI: Human Development Index & Country Facts!

NOW WITH THE LATEST HDR INFO, officially released on 21 March 2017 The Human Development Index (HDI) and country facts app. A great reference for the latest HDI and lots of country facts (growth, IHDI - inequality, gender inequality, GDI - gender development, poverty, health, education, economy, public spending, social, security, international integration, environment and population) of the world. below income poverty line/National poverty lineLife-course gender gapSex ratio at birthAdolescent birth rateGross enrollment ratioYouth unemployment rateMaternal mortality ratio Population with at least some secondary educationTotal unempoyment rateShare of paid employment in non-agriculture, femaleFemale legislators, senior officials and managersShare of seats in parliamentLife expectancy at age 50, femaleOld-age pension recipientsEnvironmental sustainabilityRenewable energy consumption Carbon dioxide emissions Forest area Fresh water withdrawals Natural resource depletion Economic & Social sustainabilityAdjusted net savings External debt stock Research and development expenditure Concentration index (exports) Income quintile ratio Gender Inequality Index Population in multidimensional poverty Old-age (ages 65 and older) dependency ratioSEE MORE ATwww.qaqee.comfacebook.com/qaqeeAppstwitter.com/qaqeeApps