Feeling like a couch potato annoys you? Youre interested in your well-being and want to feel fit and good, but you only have limited time due to kids, your job or any other reason? Activity Tracking- Tracks your steps- Shows the distance you covered- Calculates the calories you burnedSleep Tracking- Tracks your sleep patterns- Distinguishes between deep sleep, shallow sleep and time awake- Alarm setting possibleUnderstand and control your weight- Tracks your weight- Shows your different weight-components: fat percentage, muscle share, bone mass and water percentage- Calculates your BMIKeep an eye on your heart- Tracks your blood pressure- Sets off alarm in case of critical results- Tracks your pulsePresentation & Evaluation of your stats- Clear and detailed graphs, diagrams and tables- Logs your developments / history- Shows norm-values so you can check if your results are in the normal range of your reference groupVIGO a digital lifeform emotionally visualizing your data- VIGO is alive and will change form and colors according to your individual condition- Check your overall body status with only one glimpse- Motivation to take care of VIGO and therefore of yourselfAdvanced Habit-System- Suggests habits and lifestyle-tips from the categories fitness, nutrition and general well-being- Habits can be tracked via connected devices or checked off manually if mastered- Provides information about the background and use/purpose of every habit/tipConnectivity- Can be connected to FITvigo smart products via Bluetooth: activity trackers, body analysis scales, blood pressure monitors- Data import from Apple Health possible- Integration of Apple watch possibleData Protection extra save- Your data will be stored on German servers only- Complies with data protection according to strict German & EU laws