EcoWater Systems Wi-Fi Manager!

EcoWater Systems offers you the ability to easily connect and remotely control and monitor your EcoWater Systems smart devices. The EcoWater Systems Wi-Fi Smart Device Manager makes it possible to monitor and manage your EcoWater water treatment systems and water usage via smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere.- Our 3500 Series softener with HydroLink Plus softens and treats your water while monitoring water usage, letting you know when salt is needed and sends you alerts if potential issues are detected. This allows you to make adjustments to save money on utility bills, plus provides peace of mind - A simple and secure online dashboard provides system information at a glance, such as: Number of days until the salt is empty Average daily water usage Water used today Gallons of treated water remaining.- You can launch a regeneration and adjust your settings from anywhere - EcoWater Systems Wi-Fi Smart Device Manager can be programmed to send alerts and diagnostics to your local EcoWater dealer