CodeToGo has now been used to run over one MILLION programs Write and run code in your favorite programming language, using your iOS device Supports all iOS devices. Just pick your language, write some code (with syntax highlighting for the most common languages), and run it. Full list of supported languages (and their corresponding extensions):Ada (.adb) + syntax highlightingAssembly (gcc - .s; nasm - .asm) + syntax highlightingAWK (.awk) + syntax highlightingBash (.sh) + syntax highlightingbc (.bc)bf (.bf)C (.c) + syntax highlightingC99 Strict (.c) + syntax highlightingC# (C Sharp - .cs) + syntax highlightingC++ (.cpp) + syntax highlightingC++0x (.cpp) + syntax highlightingCLIPS (.cli)Clojure (.clj)COBOL (.cob)COBOL 85 (.85.cob)Common Lisp (.lisp) + syntax highlightingD (.d) + syntax highlightingErlang (.hrl) + syntax highlightingF# (.fs)Factor (.factor)Forth (.4th)Fortran (.f) + syntax highlightingGo (.go)Groovy (.groovy)Haskell (.hs) + syntax highlightingHTML (.html) + syntax highlightingIcon (.icn)Intercal (.i)Java (.java) + syntax highlightingJavaScript (.js) + syntax highlightingLua (.lua) + syntax highlightingNemerle (.n) + syntax highlightingNice (.nice)Nimrod (.nim)Ocaml (.ml) + syntax highlightingOz (.oz)Pascal (.pas) + syntax highlightingPerl (Perl - .pl; Perl6 - + syntax highlightingPHP (.php) + syntax highlightingPike (.pike)Prolog (GNU -; SWI - + syntax highlightingPython (Python - .py, Python3 - + syntax highlightingR (.r) + syntax highlightingRuby (.ruby) + syntax highlightingScala (.scala) + syntax highlightingScheme (.scm) Smalltalk (.st)SQL (SQLite - .sql) + syntax highlightingTcl (.tcl) + syntax highlightingUnlambda (.unl)Visual Basic .NET (.vb)Email comments, suggestions, bugs to nate AT pinkeh DOT com