Can You Escape The Death Island 1?!

This is Episode 1, more and more will coming soon Some one has been trapped in The mysterious death castle , so you will need to collect the necessary objects to make him escape from Room,if you have the right attitude then you will get him out. Good luck and have fun It was a dark and snowy night. Tap the green button once it is placed to open the door.-Hint for Floor 4: What is the opposite motion of pinching?Enjoy the rest of the game FeaturesUnique brain teasersChallenging logic puzzlesEasy to start impossible to put downAuto-save functionAmazing graphicsOutside of the box thinkingBalanced difficultyFeatures:* 3 full levels make this the largest e3D on iOS* 2 all new challenging minigames* Over a dozen scenes to look for items and solve puzzles* Fixed bugs from previous escape games and improved user interface* In-Game Hints to help you solve tough puzzles* Over 50 items to collect/combine/place, and many puzzles/challenges to figure out