STOCK TRADER PRO: Realtime Trading Signals!

#1 App for Day & Swing TradersStock Trader provides real-time trading signals for selected S&P500 stocks based on a complex mathematical model.FEATURES Real-time trading signals- Streaming real-time quotes- Real-time P/L calculation- Real-time charts with customizable technical indicators- Auto drawn Fibonacci Retracement lines- Fibonacci indicator- Macroeconomic news- Market direction forecast- Futures and market indices- Watchlist that auto syncs with other devices- Discussion pages- Price alertsHOW DOES IT WORK?Volatility of a stock is composed of firm-specific risk, plus market risk. In equity markets, the market risk or the systematic risk dominates short term trading patterns of most equities. However, investors with much longer holding periods (up to 2-3 months) and even day-traders following intraday swings and/or momentum can easily use Stock Trader to discover profitable ideas.