ByteMe Code Editor for Software Design, Development, and Programming On-the-Go!

ByteMe Shell 1.1.0ByteMe is an accessible universal syntax highlighting IDE for iOS devices, designed around the goal of providing a mobile workspace, allowing for programmers to seamlessly continue their productivity while on-the-go. FEATURES Support for many languages including popular ones like Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, Swift, Objective-C, C, C++, Ruby, Perl, and many more Line numbering Word wrapping Page-guide Dynamic syntax highlighting Identifier and type detection Quick find-replace with regular expression support Code suggestions and code completion Auto-indentation support inside brackets, for markup languages like HTML, and for tabbed namespaces like Python Zoom-able editor view Preview files in a built-in web viewer Easy to use file manager with iCloud support Copy and open files to and from other apps Accessory keys appear in a toolbar above the keyboard to conveniently access common special characters Quick keys such as double-tapping space to insert a tab spaceMany new features are to come in future updates, so stay tuned. Aspiring developers may feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] and/or interest in being part of the beta software program at [email protected]