Bracketbuddy is the premier tournament management app for the iPhone & iPod Touch Built for your tournament needs, Bracketbuddy is perfect for managing any sporting event - basketball, little league, bocce, pong - you name it With Bracketbuddy, you no longer need to deal with the difficulty of creating and maintaining tournaments and brackets manually. Simply choose your tournament type, enter teams, and Bracketbuddy handles tournament creation and stats management for you Bracketbuddy supports up to 32 teams in the most popular tournament types - single elimination, double elimination w/ a losers bracket, round robin, and pool play. The simple user interface and powerful tournament intelligence will have you using Bracketbuddy for all of your tournament needs Features include:-Support for most popular tournament types-Support for up to 32 teams-Manually or randomly seed tournaments-Automatic handling of BYE rounds-Ability to track scores-Statistics management for wins/losses/ties/winpct-Name, save, and load multiple tournaments-Pinch/zoom/scroll around your bracket-Track team history within a tournament-Ability to restart tournaments