Baby Dream House!

> Its the baby dream house Explore 9 amazing rooms while you take care of babies > You can play in the garden, bake cakes in the kitchen and even take a shower > Check out all the rooms like the Bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and living room Theres so much to do Have a fun playtime in all 9 amazing rooms with your baby This is your dream house so you can do all the fun youve always dreamed of, but dont forget your chores Toilet Time Using the toilet is a super important part of any babys life You need to make sure she knows how to go. Dont forget to wash her hands Make sure she keeps her good hygiene habits for life Eating time For this adorable and fun baby to be super healthy and happy, you need to give her the best kind of food and make sure that shes all clean once shes done eating Gardening Once your babys awake, go take care of the garden with her Shes in the inflatable pool, and you need to put your green thumb to good use when you tend to the garden Now its time to get cleaned up Bath time is a lot of fun, and its important too Give your baby baths before and after playtime Now lets get creative Its time to show the world how you can create a masterpiece Try out all the utensils and all the colors to be the next Picasso or Mondrian Laundry list Now that were done in the art room, its time to get our clothes cleaned and ready for dressing up Separate the clothes, white from colors, and use the right detergents Time to clean up the house Phew, after all the fun activities, its time to clean up the living room before we can play inside too Teach your baby what tools to use to make it all sparkling clean Dress up Its been a long and fun day but before it ends, we need to play some dress up to let your imagination run wild and look amazing too Bedtime Full days like these are one in a million but they all end in a sweet story for your starry eyed baby Whats inside:> 4 babies > 9 games and rooms inside and outside the house > 20 shirts & dresses> 10 pairs of fun & fancy socks > 10 pants, jeans, skirts overalls and bloomers> 21 bracelets, necklaces and watches > 10 hairstyles> 10 funky hats, 30 sunglasses> 10 pairs of crazy and fun shoes, sandals, boots> 10 toys, wagons, baby carriages, balls & moreABOUT TabTale With over 1.5 billion downloads and growing, TabTale has established itself as the creator of pioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.