BLE Browser!

A special BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) equipment development tool, you can use it to: Currently only support IO5 / IO61, Scan and discover all BLE equipments that are broadcasting around the apple equipments ,such as iPhone4s,new iPad, iPhone5, etc. (BLE supported) ; 2, Establish a connection with any one of them; 3, Scan and read the whole services and characteristics information on the equipment ; 4, Read and write the characteristics in any service ;5, Display the specified BLE equipment RSSI curve; 6, Based on RSSI BLE equipment to determine his probably orientation and distance; 7, Enable the notification for one or more characteristics to get its dynamic curve view; 8, More features are under developing. BLE (ios 5 / ios6)1BLE (4.0iPhone4s,new iPad,iPhone5,); 2 ;3 ;4 ;5BLERSSI ;6BLERSSI ;7 ;8