Attack on Tank: Rush!

Tank fans are convinced Ultra-realistic Tank gameA Lost hardcore experience is realized here Why dont you experience a genuine battle?The total number of downloads has reached 300,000 Become a member of a tank platoon, and lets challenge various missions A fierce tank battle occurs in a real battlefield To win the battle, collaboration with friendly units is important. With clever tactics, you can also overcome powerful enemy troops Can you become a hero by surviving this severe battlefield?Now you can download and play for free Features:- Its possible to play with players around the world by online.- Realistic tank fight 3D action & simulator tank game.- Player can move in very large Open World field.- Various missions such as reconnaissance, ambush, raids exist.- Player can experience a feeling of the battlefield by real effect and sound, its not just tank games.- Realistic damage system by physical calculation is adopted.- A.I tank units have precise movement and sophisticated tactics.- It is possible to change the situation by requesting an air attack.- A tank can be steered with a simple touch operation.- Because tanks at the time of World War II (WW2) are faithfully reproduced, it is recommended for those who like classic tank games.- Famous tanks of major countries appear one after another (eg Soviet Union, Germany, the United States of America, the Empire of Japan)How to play:- Please click a help button of the start screen and confirm the basic operation.- Playable tanks increase by achieving missions.- Each missions command is displayed in the message box at the top of the screen.- Playable tanks in online is unlocked depending on the progress of the campaign. Game content will be continuously updated in the future Have fun