Adhan Time Plus!

NEW PERFORMANCE TRACKING NOTEBOOK Tracking the performance of Quran reading and adherence to daily sunnah teachings Performance Tracking on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Basis, or on a Particular Day Ability to develop personal performance Ability to receive weekly, monthly report (TRACKING) Unique and Personally Customizable Design NEW HOLY QURAN Changeable font Adjustable reading speed Horizontal screen support Newly added Quran reciters Quran index Quran page view Multilanguage translation THE WORLD OF DHIKR Virtual study circle Online dhikrs Dhikr-o-matic with multiple dhikrs added SCREEN LOCK FASTING TIME TABLE: A 5-day (7-day on the iPhone 5) fasting time table can be created, and you can view the time on your phone without unlocking the screen. DUA FELLOWSHIP: The intention behind the Dua Fellowship application we have made based on the hadith that says a Muslims prayer for the sake of his brother is accepted is to launch a campaign of supplicatory prayers (duas), and in so doing strive to win the approval of our Lord. * ENGLISH LANGUAGE SUPPORT * GERMAN LANGUAGE SUPPORT * AUTOMATIC BACKGROUND OPERATION * REDUCED SIZE OF PROGRAM WITH DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT If the alarm sound you have chosen is one of the abbreviated adhans, if you unlock your phone while the alarm is running, the full adhan sound will be played.