7Links IP Cam Remote!

The perfect partner for your IP camera from 7links and Somikon With this application you conveniently access the camera via your own network or internet - from nearly everywhere in the world Quick and easily you can check that everything at home is okay and even remote control your cameras settings. Features (differ depending on camera)- Control pan/tilt/zoom speed- Load and save camera positions- Patrol mode automatic or manual- Pre-set patrol mode- Motion detection & events- Zoom control optical/digital- Fullscreen function- OSD menu can be deactivated- Integrated image processing within the app- Send pictures via email- Mirror images, resolution, fps, brightness, contrast- Regulate infrared/control lamp- Change alarm preferences- Access & Error log- Display data usage / traffic- Security through PIN code- Import/export with iTunes file sharing- iPhone & iPad Version- support http and secure https connectionsThe app should support every 7Links ip camera .Compatible with the following cameras (incl. order number at pearl.de) 7Links NX-4207 (IPC-750.HD), NX-4209 (IPC-850.FHD), NX-4275 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4275-919 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4275-944 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4284-944 (IPC-380), NX-4336 (IPC-280.HD), NX-4341(IPC-720.HD, PX-1069-958 Robocam II, PX-1179-909 Robocam III, PX-1279-909 Robocam IV, PX-3614-671, PX-3614-675, PX-3614-909 (IPC-710IR), PX-3615-671, PX-3615-675, PX-3671-671, PX-3671-675, PX-3675-671, PX-3675-675, PX-3675 (IPC-720.HD), PX-3677-671, PX-3677-675, PX-3688-909 (IPC-430), PX-3690-675 (IPC-631.HD), PX-3719 (IPC-770.HD), PX-3720 (IPC-760.HD), PX-3722 (IPC-765.VGA), PX-3723 (IPC-755.VGA), PX-3737 (IPC-770.HD), PX-3744 (IPC-440.HD), PX-3755 (IPC-240.HD), PX-3760 (IPC-260.HD), PX-3761 (IPC-340.HD), PX-3762 (IPC-260.HD), PX-3775 (IPC-780.HD), PX-3786 (IPC-730.HD), PX-3787 (IPC-400.HD) Somikon AC-640.wifi (PX-8277-675) Freetec PX-8319