Control Symbolic Sounds Kyma X Paca, Pacarana or Capybara sound design system using your iPad . Connect with MIDI or OSC Mac and PC users can enjoy the benefits of the Delora vKiP control surface app on the iPad. Network MIDI connections require that the Mac or PC connects to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad.vKiP FEATURES* Manipulate and set Kyma sound parameters through faders and rotaries optimized for touch-screen control* Control eight faders and eight rotaries at a time* Full VCS bank support* Swap fader and rotary controls* Control parameters with normal or fine adjustment mode* Browse or load-in Kyma sound snapshots* Adjust Kymas master volume or mute all sound* View current parameter values using Selector buttons* Three DSP shortcut buttons to control start/stop and pause/play (only available when used in conjunction with Delora KymaConnect on your Mac)* Two theme styles* Retina display graphics support* OSC or MIDI connection options* Preference settings to disable sleep mode, faders jump on touch and liner rotary operation* Supports multiple Kyma systems on the same network

vKiP for Kyma alternatives


Lemur is the worlds best MIDI/OSC controller for iOS. Benefiting from nearly 10 years of development, Lemur is synonymous with multitouch music control. You can even control up to 8 computers from one iPad with Lemur

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