Dozens of FREE Stand-Alone Apps with Complete Source Code for accessing Sensors, Electronics, Science, Math and Graphics from the iPhone and iPad, and is also the Companion App for the new OReilly Book Building iPhone & iPad Electronics Projects. VIDEO BUILDING IPHONE & IPAD ELECTRONICS PROJECTSSee CLASSROOM LEARNINGSee START GUIDES FOR THE IPHONE AND IPADSee APPStechBASIC Sampler Includes Apps Written in techBASIC for Electronics projects Data collection Creating interactive graphics Cool programming controls Connecting to the latest sensor technology Using Bluetooth low energy and ArduinoOREILLY BOOK BUILDING IPHONE & IPAD ELECTRONICS PROJECTSReal World Arduino, Sensor and Bluetooth LE Apps with techBASIC.techBASIC Sampler is the companion app to this new book and includes Executable versions of each project Complete source code Check out the Early Release of the Ebook at techBASIC Sampler to View the complete source code for every example Check out the built-in help system Run the step-and-trace debugger Explore the powerful, and easy to use world of programming with techBASICIN-APP PURCHASEAn in-app purchase unlocks the editing capabilities, giving you the full version of techBASIC so you can customize these programs or write your own. SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATH {STEM)SCIENCE CLASSEngage Students in Scientific Inquiry as they Understand physics from real data, like zero G on a swing Collect data from the built-in sensors on the iPhone & iPad Study the earths magnetic field See the Stars rotate around the sunCheck out these apps for science class lesson ideas: Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope E-M Field G-Force Metal Detector StarsMATH CLASSBring Math Class to Life as Students Quickly plot functions to understand coordinate systems Interact with equations using swipe and pinch gestures Watch a torus degenerate into a sphere Use numeric integration for calculus Fit curves to data with polynomial and linear regression Solve simultaneous equations with matrix math like LU decomposition Use techBASIC as the power-users graphing calculator (see our tutorial blog)Check Out These Apps for Math Class Lesson Ideas: Sin_x and Ball Torus Geometry Integration RegressionPROGRAMMING CLASS Engage students with beautiful interactive graph using just a few lines of code Clear error messages and step-and-trace debugger make programming easy Write a program to collect data from the accelerometer in one class period Learn problem solving skills Write powerful programs to control and interact with the world around them BASIC programming language is easy to learn and widely used Built-in help system answers questions right in the appELECTRONICS & SENSORSThe techBASIC website has numerous tutorials you can modify Turn an iPhone into a magnetometer Build Bluetooth low energy based circuits Turn an iPhone into a Plant Moisture Meter using HiJack Hack a Remote Control car with an Arduino and Bluetooth LE Connect to Bluetooth low energy devices from the iPhone and iPad Collect Data from a model rocket iPhone flight using the TI SensorTag Access data real-time from the built-in accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensorsFREE DOCUMENTATIONQUICK START GUIDES FOR THE IPHONE AND IPADSee Learn how to quickly access the main features of techBASIC Get information on the examples included with techBASIC SamplerREFERENCE MANUAL FOR techBASIC Over 300 pages of documentation Dozens of sample programs and images


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techSampler alternatives

Electronic Lab Free

Electronic Lab App DescriptionElectronic Lab is a great phone application for people working in the field of electrical and computer engineering. Hobbyist, DIYers, Students, Technicians with specific needs, Engineers can all benefit from this app. FeaturesElectronic Color codeColor pickerAlpha-Numeric Code IdentificationSample circuitsComponent librariesCalculatorsComponent DatasheetFormulaCalculatorsUnit ConversionArduino Code editorCircuit design and simulationPCB designChip SimulationWaveform audio visualizerSignal to AudioPage Bookmarking The following features require the Bluetooth moduleVoltmeterAmmeterOscilloscopeVoltage generatorFrequency generatorChip programming (Arduino) ContributionShare SimulationsShares circuitsShare codeAdd formulaAdd Sample circuitAdd PCB design

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 53.2 MB

Bell Curves - graphing calculator for the normal distribution function

* Build interactive graphs of the probability density function (PDF) the cumulative distribution function (CDF) for normal distributions* Fit normal and lognormal sample data from CSV files* Visually compare sample distribution with PDF function* Solve PDF/CDF equations graphically * Calculate the sigmas and quantilesBell Curves is an interactive graphing tool and calculator for the bell curve probability density function.

  • size 6.5 MB

Touch Lua

Program with Lua, a simple and modern programming language. TouchLua+ (iPad version of TouchLua) is now available at App Store Touch Lua Features:+ Two modes: program/console (command line)+ Multi program and directories support+ Export/email programs and results+ Powerful editor with Syntax highlighting+ Graphics, audio, database and network programming support+ Text screen: stylized text printing+ Built in help: Tutorials (hands on), Wiki, Reference+ Sample programs providedUse Touch Lua:+ Learn programming and modern scripting+ Apply your programming skills+ Rapid prototyping+ Use it as advanced calculator+ Graphing ToolNow available through In-App Purchase: Nitro Graphics Library:Create 2D & 3D Graphics with the power of your GPU.Draw Library: Empowers you to create complex graphics from simple graphic objects Features:+ Draw simple graphic objects: lines, rectangles, circles, text, + Draw at the super speed of your device + Make animations + Access Gyroscope and Accelerometers+ Draw and create images+ Enables you to run included Graphic Sample ProgramsAudio Library : enables to play music and sound effects. some examples: unpack() now is table.unpack(), loadstring() is now load()Make sure to take a look at other free Apps from Hawwash-Soft

  • size 14.7 MB

Handy Bluetooth Arduino Controller

Are you making an electronics project and want a custom iPhone app to go with it? With Handy BLE you can control the world around you through Bluetooth Low Energy. We have abstracted away the complicated bits but left enough so that you have complete control over your project while learning the basics as you go.

  • size 4.0 MB

AppSlate Lite - Easy App Maker

Make your own application on iPad and iPhone This is a brilliant app Great work your app is just wonderful cant wait for upgrade :-) - (Mail from customers) You can add button, web view, or text input line on iPad/iPhone screen. And Link them as you wish. *If you need some items or functions, mail to developer, please.

  • size 22.9 MB

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Program Sensors, Bluetooth LE and Electronic Devices, Display Interactive Graphics and Analyze Data with techBASIC.Its like having a mini-MATLAB in my pocket Susan Foy, Ph. D.VIDEO BUILDING IPHONE & IPAD ELECTRONICS PROJECTSSee PROGRAMMING in techBASICSee BOOK BUILDING IPHONE & IPAD ELECTRONICS PROJECTSCreate Real World Arduino, Sensor and Bluetooth LE Apps with techBASIC Access data real-time from the built-in accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensors Turn an iPhone into a magnetometer Turn an iPhone into a Plant Moisture Meter using HiJack Connect to Bluetooth low energy devices from the iPhone and iPad Collect Data from a model rocket iPhone flight using the TI SensorTag Hack a Remote Control car with an Arduino and Bluetooth LE Build Bluetooth low energy based circuits Connect a servo using WiFiCheck out the Early Release of the eBook at STAND ALONE APPS WITH techBASIC AND techBASIC APP BUILDER Write your apps in techBASIC on your iPad or iPhone. Take pictures with the camera Display web sites and documents Show maps Step and trace debugger Set breakpoints with a tap See current variables, both local and global See everything in a variable, even large matrices Array & matrix commands like matrix inversion, determinants, matrix arithmetic & more BASIC is easy to learn and use BASIC ranks in the top 5 most popular programming languages in most surveys ANALYZE DATA Numeric integration for calculus Fit curves to data with polynomial and linear regression Solve simultaneous equations with matrix operations like LU decomposition Special functions for statistics GRAPHING CAPABIITIES Create a plot with only a few lines of code Pan and zoom plots with swipes and pinches Rotate 3D plots along an arbitrary axis Supports 2D or 3D Cartesian axis Polar, spherical and cylindrical axis Create error bars in 2 or 3 dimensions Add custom callouts The power-users graphing calculatorsee how in our web tutorial techBASIC IN THE STEM CLASSROOM Understand physics from real data, like zero G on a swing Check calculus homework with fast, accurate numeric quadrature (integration) Quickly plot functions to understand coordinate systems Use techBASIC as a power-users graphing calculator (see our tutorial blog ) DOCUMENTATION Built-in Help System Quick Start Guide Reference Manual Over 300 pages Dozens of sample programs and images Free download from the web site TUTORIALS Tutorials on the web site present complete programs you can modify Accessing Bluetooth LE devices The Power-Users Graphing Calculator Numeric Integration Linear Regression Using controls Matrices and vectors Connect to outside sensors using HiJack Use the magnetometer as a metal detector Collect data from a stunt kite flight

  • size 34.3 MB
  • version 3.3.3

Dialog IoT Sensors

The SmartBond IoT Sensors app from Dialog Semiconductor is a mobile application that works with the IoT sensor development kit based on Dialogs DA14583 Bluetooth low energy SoC. With this application you can visualize the raw data coming from the dongle sensors, including accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature, pressure and humidity. It solves the problem of sensor data visualization.

  • size 34.9 MB
  • version 3.260.2

iShield BLE

iShield iOS App was designed to interact with Arduino in a whole new way using Bluetooth Low Energy shield from Red Bear Labs. iShield creates a communication between the Arduino and the iOS device, the app sends data to the Arduino via virtuals buttons, sliders, accelerometer, etc. For more information visit

  • size 2.8 MB
  • version 1.2.2

Sensor Kinetics

See your iPhone in motion Watch your iPhones gyroscope and accelerometer sensors in action and discover how they work. Measure the effect of gravity on your iPad and experiment with its magnetometer. The paid version Sensor Kinetics Pro, now available from iTunes, gives you the ability to save and share sensor data and to apply filters to the data stream.

  • size 4.1 MB
  • version 2.1.1


Access the new Texas Instruments SensorTag from a graphical environment. The accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope are displayed with constantly updating oscilloscope-like plots that show all 3 axis. Note: Requires the Texas Instruments SensorTag and a Bluetooth LE compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to function.

  • rating 2.0
  • size 1.9 MB
  • version 1.0

Motion Data Logger

Motion Data Logger is a simple but effective way to collect motion data from your iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) device and export it to a CSV file for further preprocessing. The app uses the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer hardware to gather all data. Please keep in mind, that continued use of location and sensor tracking in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 7.1 MB
  • version 1.4.2

Data Collection

This app was developed for researchers so that they may capture accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer data directly from their iOS device to use for research or play around with. The data is time stamped and the data from Apples enhanced device motion is included for reference.

  • size 4.0 MB
  • version 1.0.8


Finally you will be able to send information through Bluetooth to your Arduino using your iPhone With this app, you can connect to a Bluetooth Low Energy module HC-08 and send characters to it. With these characters you can program actions in your microcontroller to be executed when receiving. Now you can control whatever device using Bluetooth with your iPhone

  • size 12.7 MB
  • version 1.0

Ward's DataHub Analysis App

Wireless data collection for iPad with up to 13 built-in science sensors The DataHub software for iPad makes K-12 science experiments mobile, convenient and immediate anytime, anywhere DataHub wirelessly integrates between the award winning DataHub data logger with 13 built-in sensors and the iPad: Allowing setup and data analysis of hands-on experiments for biology, chemistry, environmental science, math, physics and even geography. DataHub software for iPad was specifically designed to engage students and help visualize complex science concepts by harnessing the iPad built-in accelerometer sensor, data display, multimedia and multi-touch features. and download of the Labdisc sample memory Graph manipulations: Markers, zoom, crop, text and image annotation Data analysis: Including statistics and curve fitting Full interactive experiment curriculum for K-12 biology, chemistry, environmental science, math and physics.

  • size 36.0 MB
  • version 1.2.1

LOFI Control

LOFI ROBOT CONTROL lets you control an Arduino robot with an iOS device over Bluetooth LE module such as HM-10 or HM-11.LOFI Robot is an open source robot construction system based on lasercut wooden blocks and simple Arduino electronics. How to use the app:1. For more info, Arduino script and wiring visit website:WWW.LOFIROBOT.COM/CONTROL-APPAuthor:MACIEJ WOJNICKI - programming and design

  • size 108 MB
  • version 2.0