phase6 classic is Germanys leading vocabulary trainer. phase6 is the only app to offer vocabulary collections for all current course books and schoolbooks developed in close cooperation with Germanys leading educational and school book publishers and with assistance from university specialists in the relevant subject.phase6 provides systematic training in vocabulary with lasting success. For more information about phase6, please visit:

phase6: Practice vocabulary alternatives

Learn Spanish - 3,400 words

Learn 3,400 words in Spanish with Wlingua: - Beginning to intermediate/advanced vocabulary- All vocabulary is sorted by subject and includes images- Pronunciation in both Castilian and Latin American Spanish- All words are read by native speakers- Simple, guided learning process- 4 different kinds of exercises, provided at the ideal moments to maximise your learning- Full progress reports- No Internet connection required- 400 words are unlocked when you download the application. The remaining words (3,000) can be unlocked through the application.

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PONS Vocabulary Trainer

PONS Vocabulary Trainer the Vocabulary Trainer App that remembers the words youve looked up At last you can integrate the words youve looked up in the dictionary into your active vocabulary. Use your time on the move effectively - in a waiting room or at the bus stop, for example.

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Math 42

MATH 42 220 MATH 42 (1) (2) (3) . MATH 42 :22045iPad(Klett) , () , () ,. , () y- () () - 1,99 USD iTunes iTunes : [email protected] MATH 42 , MATH 42 , MATH 42 MATH 42 , MATH 42 MATH 42, .

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BRAINYOO Flashcard App

The iPhone flashcard app BRAINYOO 2.0 for iOS is an addition to BRAINYOO 2.0 for Mac and Windows. BRAINYOO is a flashcard software and helps users to create learning content and transfer it into long-term memory by different query modes. Your progress in long-term memory mode will be saved and after the exam you can continue with your usual schedule.

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You are a driving student and you received the online training FAHREN LERNEN from your driving school? Get now the FAHREN LERNEN app The app is free and included in your FAHREN LERNEN account. Available exclusively in driving schools.

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