32% off for limited time , last price was 25$ hurry upthe special professional Qanun App that simulates the Qanun Oriental musical instrument same as the real instrument with high quality voice with accords and oriental rhythmsnotice that , you can find similar apps even below 1$ but , there is a big different between this app and the other ones . it has real qanun sound with 13 accords and also with oriental arabic / turkish / afqani / azeri / iranian rhythmsit also has 12 different note tunes for all arabic/turkish/iranian/majour/minor , types of musicits very easy to use and i promise if you buy it you will be amazed just try itthe app specifics are :- has up to 32 oriental middle east rhythm styles- has 13 accords that are used in this type of music- has quarter flat tunes that is used in oriental musics- has 12 different tunes for 12 types of musics- has ability to change the rhythm speed - transpose ability from -20 to +20 percents- real sound that is made in professional studio- pitch ability to pitch the notes during the playingtrust me just download this app

oriental Arabic / Turkish Qanun musical instrument alternatives

Portable ORG : Oriental Keyboard

Portable ORG : Oriental Keyboard allows you to play piano, guitar, qanun, qanun trm, oud, tanbur and violin, ney, mey, cumbus, saz (baglama), clarinet, sax, orchestra violin group, cura and balaban. Enjoy realistic high-quality instruments on your tablet and phone with Portable ORG : Oriental Keyboard. SCALE (MAQAM) PRESETS:MuhayyerkurdiHicazHicazkarKurdilihicazkarUssakUssak (Arabesk)HuseyniBayatiNihavendRastSabaCargahDugahSegahHuzzamAcemasiranBuselikFerahnakKarcigarMahurNevaNikrizSuzinakSultaniyegahSehnazUzzalZengule

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marwas _ fun arabic music drum kit appdo you like to play the drums?try the arabic sounds and have fun with an oriental touch.you can choose from meltable great middle eastern musical instruments such as Marwas, Tar, dumbek and daf download the app and share it with friends , have fun and a great jam ;-D

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Oud Master

One of the easiest ways to learn reading music and playing the Oud. Start with the practice screen and learn the names of the notes, their positions on the staff and where to play them on the Oud. You will improve your music reading skills and learn how to play real songs on one the most wonderful musical instruments.

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It is designed to fully comply with Turkish and Arab melodies. Features:-40 Pieces of Turkish and Arab voiceTurkish and Arab rhythms of -50 pieces per setRita My wheel: You can set the level you want the speed of the rhythm with this feature.-Picthbend: This particular sound wave propagation and effects can give a tone thick or thin.-Themes: In the theme to customize the outlook. Enjoy

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