Control your robot and learn programming by snapping graphical building blocks together. A Codeybot educational robot is required for running this app LET YOUR ROBOT FEEL, THINK, AND DANCEWith mBlockly, you can build short programs to let your Codeybot move or tell a story when it is happy or sad. [email protected]

mBlockly for Codeybot alternatives

Path for Dash robot

PLEASE NOTE: This app requires the Wonder Workshop robot, Dash, and a supported Bluetooth Smart/4/LE-enabled device to play. To find out more, please visit our website: or an Apple Store (US, Canada). Privacy Policy: of Service:

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New in DroneBlocks 1.2.1- Fix for Google logins- Ability to switch between Google accountsNew in DroneBlocks 1.2.0:- Users can now execute missions in mid air without needing takeoff and land blocks- Added speed to fly forward block- Added speed to yaw block- New photo interval block to take X number of photos at Y interval- New record video duration blockDroneBlocks allows users to easily program fun and useful missions using block programming with the DJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 4, Mavic Pro and Inspire 1. Users can drag and drop blocks onto the canvas to command their drone to follow a basic flight plan. Just go here and enroll in the course and youll get access to eight fun programming lessons:http://learn.droneblocks.ioDroneBlocks is currently being used in several classrooms around the country and were looking forward to see what exciting and interesting missions our users will create

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Puppet Pals 2: School Edition

Puppet Pals is an amazing app that lets you create animated cartoons. -David Pogue (NewYork Times) Children unlock creativity with this easy to use (but hard to put down) interactive puppet show Even young children can create high quality cartoons from their imaginations. Create short instructional videos (in any learning area) Storytelling, Reports, Historic Retells Help reluctant public speakers present to the class Help foreign language or ESL students practice their fluency & language skills Brainstorming or storyboarding ideas and presentations Characters chosen from standard curriculum allow kids to fully engage with content - not even realizing they are actually learning valuable lessons that will stay with them for years to come

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SpriteBox : Code Hour

Run and jump into coding SpriteBox is a unique puzzle-platformer; a mix of exploration and learning to code. By giving Sprite programs of instructions to follow, you can advance through unique worlds and help free Sprites bottled-up friends. Are you up for the challenge?

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