Zetlight system is a system that can work with Zetlight WIFI SWITCH A100 to control Zetlight various series LED lighting devices including SHIELDO, QMAVEN, IOZEAN and LANCIA. You can connect locally or follow simple steps for linking to your homes router to control above lighting series through wireless network. Acclimation: Light will increase its intensity from weak gradually to strong until the normal state when there is new tank inhabitant.

ZETLIGHT SYSTEM alternatives

Loggi - Entrega em 1 toque

Loggi uma plataforma online para fazer entregas expressas via motoboy. Com o aplicativo, voc pede um motoboy em menos de um minuto com um preo at 30% abaixo do mercado. Faa o download e comece a fazer suas entregas.

  • size 24.4 MB


From the makers of the popular online aquarist service AquaticLog comes a stylish and elegant app for your iPhone App features include:- Log your water parameters with ease and they will be seamlessly synchronized with your website profile- Record your water changes- Write your aquarium observations using a personalized diary- Record dosing additives and supplements- Enter and review feedings- Save and manage maintenance activities- View and follow recent and popular aquarium photos on AquaticLog- View and complete reminders, including real-time notifications for upcoming and overdue items- Add and manage your aquarium photos- Sync online to your AquaticLog online profile for backup- Offline mode: you dont need to have internet connection to use this app, all of your data will automatically sync once you get your connectivity backIf you are an existing user of AquaticLog, you will be able to access all of your online aquariums and their measurements. All of your measurements and other data is backed up in the cloud, accessible via a website and can always be exported / downloaded for offsite storage by you. Our app is regularly updated at no charge.

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aquaPlanner is the number 1 aquarium manager in the App Store. Maintenance and scheduling becomes easy with notifications, water test logging, calculators, inhabitant and equipment log. Check out the video at http://www.alliatek.com/mobile/aquaplanner/index.html

  • size 104 MB

Reef Tank Pro

Reef Tank Pro is an intuitive way to track your aquarium on an iOS device. A unique concept allows you to select a tank and work exclusively with a specific task. The developers of Reef Tank Pro are not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of Reef Tank Pro.

  • size 8.8 MB