Save up to 94% on international calls and keep in touch anytime and anywhere in the world.> Call anywhere and join 1.5M users Worldwide Call any phone in the World even when youre not on Wi-Fi or mobiledata. Prices are very low and even free when you call other Vopium users who is online or with push notification. Vopium is listed on NYSE Euronext in Paris.

Vopium - FREE CALL - Cheap International Calls! alternatives

DUO CONNECT: VoIP Service for Long Distance Calls

FREE CALLS (new)Earn free and unlimited TALK credits by engaging in offers and videos. Also, share the netTALK CONNECT app with friends and family for unlimited free calling worldwide by calling only their email address. APP FEATURES- Get a local U.S. phone number so friends and family can reach you easily - Go Mobile with your netTALK DUO home phone- Free and Unlimited App-to-App calling worldwide calling just an email address- Ultra low cost International calling rates- SAVE 30% - 40%- 1-click Sign Up/Sign In with your Google Account - Connectivity through WiFi / 4G / 3G- Import your contacts from your phone- Free 411 Directory Assistance (U.S.)- Facebook / Twitter / email share for free callingPLEASE NOTE- Must be on Wi-Fi/3G/4G - International data roaming charges may apply- Operator data charges may apply- Dialing 911 on the application will not work- You agree to Terms of Service when downloading this app

Yolla Calls

all to landlines and mobiles in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, India, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and 200 more countries and territories. Why Yolla: VALUE FOR MONEY. Please contact us at [email protected]

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Voca - Calls & Messaging

VocaVocaVoca - - Voca - - - Voca - - - [email protected] .

Vippie - free calls & messages

With Vippie you can connect with other users for free. This cross-platform app supports HD audio and video. Be a part of the Vippie community Like us on Facebook: more about Vippie at: