VINDecoded - a VIN Decoding utility with built in Barcode Scanner Get vehicle History reports from trusted sources, like and Carfax Liens, titles, Salvage, and accident reports plus more View your vehicles Specs, Details, Options, History, Recalls, Maintenance, Service Bulletins, Engine Info, plus more Also has built in OBDII code lookup. You can take notes about the vehicle as well VINDecoded allows for easy sharing of your vehicle with anyone who as an internet connection. Now includes CARFAX Dealer Reports - FREE (3 VIN Decodes FREE included, no sign up needed)- Decode ALL VINs including but not limited to Ford, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Dodge, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Fiat, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, General Motors, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Harley Davidson, GMC, VAG, GM, Porsche and BMW- New Harley-Davidson VIN Decoder included - Expansive VIN details- Vehicle Maintenance, Recalls, Options, NHTSA Bulletins, Specs, Details, Colors, and Value - OBDII Engine Code Decoder - Decodes OBDII for all Makes and Generic OBDII codes- Vehicle History Report Available- Integrated VIN Barcode Scanner- Take Photos and Notes of Vehicle, Save and View for Later- History of previously scanned VINs- Share VIN(s) through URL- Download VIN information as CSV to view in Excel- View previously scanned VINs on a map to see where you scanned them using GPS tracking

VIN Decoder & Barcode Scanner alternatives

Reverse Phone Lookup - search for name, address, photo & more

Reverse Phone Lookup by Schematik is an easy-to-use reverse phone number lookup app that covers 95% of landline & mobile phone numbers originating from within the United States. We help you with unknown or unwanted phone calls and texts. Why use Reverse Phone Lookup by Schematik?- Search for the full name, address, photo, employer, education & more behind an unknown number that has shown up on your caller ID.- Dust off your phonebook by improving your contacts with additional information.- Investigate a suspicious phone call or text youve received.- Avoid spammers, telemarketers, bill collectors, scammers, prank callers, and ex-lovers, so you dont accidentally return back a call you dont want to talk to.

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  • size 8.9 MB

TransTec Transmission-by-Vehicle

Identify automatic transmissions in vehicles around the world with this Transmission-by-Vehicle Guide from Corteco, the supplier of TransTec brand transmission kits. Developed specifically to eliminate confusion over look-alike transmissions, you can now identify transmissions by vehicle make, model, year and engine. Information on automatic transmissions, including New Products and TransTec Bulletins, can also be viewed in PDF format.

  • size 15.3 MB

How a Car Works

Learn everything about how cars and engines work with this free guide. Read hundreds of articles with illustrations, use AR to explore models right on your table. With over 800 full color illustrations and 250 detailed articles, this is the ideal reference for everyone from DIY mechanics and classic car enthusiasts up to professionals.

  • rating 4.8
  • size 171 MB

OBD2 Code

Standard Diagnostic Trouble Codes reference book. A Diagnostic Trouble Code is set in a vehices onboard computer when a fault occurs in any monitored system. The code number corresponds to the type of fault, and can be used to diagnose the problem.

  • size 2.2 MB

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