Can you find the solution for this devilish triangle puzzle?The Impossible Triangle is one of the most fun brain puzzles out there,and you can play it now for free The Impossible Triangle features simple controls,but is a devious puzzle to crack Challenge your mind Get in touch [email protected]://

The Impossible Triangle - Challenge your mind alternatives


FlowAway is an addictive puzzle game that has more than 370 free levels organised by board size, from 5x5 to 9x9, and with difficulty easy, medium and hard. Hints are available if you ever get stuck. How to play:- pair up all the matching dots on the board by dragging single continuous lines between them- lines cannot branch off or cross over each other- cover the entire board to solve each puzzleFlowAway Features- more than 370 free puzzles- night and day modes - 5 different board sizes- NO TIME LIMIT - additional level packs available for purchaseThe game contains ad banners that goes away if you make any purchases.

  • rating 4.66667
  • size 10.1 MB

Hexic Box

Hexic Box is a puzzle game for maniacs of all ages Hexic Box is a challenging and addictive game How to play ? -Draw boxes on board in such a way that each box contains only one number and that must be equal to area of that box.-Area of the box equal to number of hexes covered by the box on the board.-Boxes can be started from anywhere on the board.-Boxes are in rounded corner shape.-Overlapping of box is not allowed.-Whole board must be filled with boxes and Whole hexes must be covered.-Every level have atleast one solution.-Go to level and solve it. Feature * Hint, to solve level fast * Leaderboard of Game Center , to compete with friends We are designing more unique levels for next version. Please give review if you have any idea about game it will really help us for next version.

  • rating 4.0
  • size 5.8 MB

Light Tap Advanced - Challenge Your Brain

Light Tap Advanced is a simple game of memory and recall. Remember the sequence of tones and lights and repeat it. If you are using Game Center, you can compare your scores with friends and players from around the world.

  • rating 5.0
  • size 7.3 MB

Seven Game

A minimalistic, addictive, free puzzle game. The objective is to keep the game board as clean as possible. Contacte: [email protected]: Game uses icons from

  • size 10.5 MB

Smart Marbles

Smart Marbles is an iPhone6 app for marble solitaire. The game is simple: select a marble and then select an empty space in the grid that is two spaces over. Use the reset button to return the game to the original marble positions.

  • size 19.2 MB