SubStreamer is a completely free music player app for the subsonic music server ( Your music when you want it, where you want it, online or offline. If you can update to ios 10 then please do so, app performance is MUCH better If you use it or like it please leave me a review & rating it will really help Get Subsonic server at: http://www.subsonic.orgSubstreamer:

SubStreamer alternatives

Volumio iOS

* You MUST have at least one Volumios installation to use the app. To suggest new features, please include a brief description into your review, ill try to include them into the next releases ;) This app is developed as community support for Volumio, im not part of the project and what i did is just a way to make it easier the Volumios experience. Headless means that the only way to control it will be with another Mobile phone, computer or tablet.

  • size 27.7 MB


Soundwaves is a client for the Subsonic music server. Soundwaves focuses on simplicity, making it the ideal client to connect your iPad or iPhone to your home theater setup. Soundwaves works with other media servers which implement the same Subsonic APIs, such as Madsonic or Ampache.

  • size 9.6 MB

iSub Music Streamer

iSub lets you stream your personal music collection from your home computer directly to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, regardless of size and format. Tap More to learn why you should choose iSub You love your music. Download iSub Music Streamer now.

  • rating 4.2
  • size 12.4 MB


AVSub is a fully featured, multi-language music and video streaming (after in-app purchase) app for SubSonic. With multi-format (including FLAC) support, quick & easy browsing, caching for offline listening or viewing, playlist support and a great user interface, accessing your media is fast and simple. AVSub Features:- Universal app works on both iPhone and iPad- MP3/FLAC/MP4/ALAC/Vorbis/Opus/WAV/DSD- Supports high-resolution digital audio output via CCK up to 24bit/192kHz- Full equaliser- Supports Google Cast & Amazon Fire TV audio and video (after in-app purchase)- Supports both portrait and landscape - Video streaming including caching support via in-app purchase- Subsonic Jukebox support via in-app purchase- Notification center widget showing recent items- 3D Touch quick action shortcuts- Internet radio stations- Crossfade- SSL support, including self-signed certificates- Album and track caching for offline listening- Folder and ID3 mode- Multi-disc album support- Artist Radio/Similar Songs- Intelligent Bookmarks- Podcasts- Optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 7- Gapless playback- Seek within a track- Full Subsonic playlist support & management- Streams over 3G/4G/WiFi- Maximum streaming bitrate control- Bluetooth Audio/Airplay support- Remembers your playlist from the last listening session- Streams from any licensed SubSonic server (v4.0 and up)- Browse/search entire music collection- Browse most recently added, recently played, frequently played, highest rated- Random albums or songs- Supports SubSonic music folders- Shuffle and repeat- Displays album cover art- Lock-screen integration- Documentation & guides available at the AVSub website- Supports iOS8/9/10- Supports iPhone all iPhones from 4S & iPads

  • size 41.7 MB