SGMPlants is a highly detailed interactive field guide to plants of theSan Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles, California. Based on an interactive CDROM from Cliff and Gabi McLean of Nature At Hand, this large appover 600MBhas the most photos and most detailed plant information of any iPhone guide covering this region:- Over 1800 full-sized photos and over 800 thumbnail photos covering 258 species.- Thumbnail browser lets you browse photos of flowers, leaves, and fruit, letting you quickly identify plants even when theyre not in bloom.- Powerful search function lets you find plants based on leaf and flower characteristics, blooming period, plant type, gardening requirements, plant community, and more- In-depth description of each plant includes latin and common names, family, thumbnail photo, key traits for identification, gardening suitability, plant communities, fire and drought adaptions, meaning of the plants name, related species, gardening requirements, and more.- Dozens of pages of additional content on botany, gardening with California Native Plants, the geology and geography of the San Gabriel Mountains, references, and more. Never forget your field guide in the car or at home againthis app is the perfect companion for you if you hike, bike, camp, drive through, or live near the San Gabriel Mountains.

SGMPlants - Plants of the San Gabriel Mountains alternatives

SMM WildFlowers

The National Park Service invites you to take along a virtual botanist the next time you visit the Santa Monica Mountains. With over 1000 plants and 7500 photos, this App offers both novice and advanced wildflower enthusiasts the opportunity to identify common and rare plants while exploring remote areas of the Santa Monica Mountains. One consideration when downloading the App is that it takes up about 700MB (0.7GB) of the devices internal memory due to the high number and resolution of the flower photographs.

  • size 721 MB

Audubon Bird Guide

eBird by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

eBird Mobile makes it easy to record the birds you see in the field, and seamlessly link these observations with eBirda global online database of bird records used by hundreds of thousands of birders around the world. This free resource makes it easy to keep track of what you see, while making your data openly available for scientific research, education, and conservation. - Record as you go functionality for incremental list keeping and counting while birding.- GPS enabled location plotting to ensure accuracy.- Map tools that enable selecting from hundreds of thousands of eBird Hotspots.- Full offline functionality, enabling use in places with limited or no Internet connection.- Trip and Day list functionality that makes it easy to keep track of your species list on a particular outing.- Support for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.- Entire app translated to German, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, and Dutch.

  • rating 3.125
  • size 43.0 MB

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Sky Guide AR

iPhoneiPad Wi-Fi GPS - Apple Watch: Apple Watch - 3D Touch: Peek Pop - : - : X (3D Touch )- : - : 250 - 50 SUPERMASSIVE 2 ( iTunes 24 ) :

  • rating 4.67035