You are an old video games collector? Retrogaming Collection is made for you Your games library will follow you everywhere and you will be able to remember all games of your collection (games, boxes, manuals).Available platforms:- Atari 2600- Dreamcast- Game Boy- GameCube- Game Gear- Master System- Mega Drive/Genesis- Nintendo 64- Nintendo NES- Playstation- Saturn- Super NintendoWarning, Retrogaming Collection will help you to manage your library: you will get only information, not real games.

Retrogaming Collection alternatives

Toy Collector Checklist 2

Welcome to the second generation of Toy Collector This application has grown organically with the help of collectors all over the globe. What started as a simple checklist for M.U.S.C.L.E has grown into a database of over 67,000 toys, figures and collectibles. Nothing needs to be left out if there is something you want added, just let the developer know

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Collector - Your game collection

* Scroll down for a list of all supported platformsDo you have trouble keeping track of your console games? Supported platforms:* Atari 2600* Amiga* Microsoft Xbox* Microsoft Xbox 360* Microsoft Xbox One* Nintendo 64* Nintendo DS* Nintendo 3DS* Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)* Super Nintendo (SNES) * Nintendo Game Boy* Nintendo Game Boy Advance* Nintendo Game Boy Color* Nintendo GameCube* Nintendo Switch* Nintendo Virtual Boy* Nintendo Wii* Nintendo Wii U* Sega CD* Sega Dreamcast* Sega Game Gear* Sega Genesis* Sega Master System* Sega Mega Drive* Sega Saturn* Sony PSP* Sony PS Vita* Sony Playstation (PS1)* Sony Playstation 2 (PS2)* Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)* Sony Playstation 3 (PS4)* Turbograf 16Use this app to manage your video game collection. Unlock unlimited game slots for only 4.99 USD.

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GG Radio Alarm

GG Radio is a great radio and media player, that can be used also as alarm. This is the only SID Player on the store We suggest an internet connection to use our suggested online radios list. Features: - Audio- Radio Player - Graphic VU Meter (4 types) - Alarm clock - Editable playlist - Chat and chat events - Repeats function - Volume slider with overdrive from the yellow power till the red- Song title, Artist, duration, total duration of the playlist - GG Users Online

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CLZ Games

Easily catalog your video game collection. Auto-download full game details from our Core online game database* Game descriptions, publishers, developers, release dates, etc* Cover images, backdrop art & trailer videosQuickly add games to your database* by scanning game barcodes with your device camera* or by searching our Core database by platform and titleOptional: Sign-up for a free CLZ Account and use the CLZ Cloud to:* Make an online backup of your game collection database. Then check out our other iOS apps, just search the App Store for CLZ.

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GameTrack is an iPhone and iPad app that tracks your video game backlog, archive and wish list with beautiful banner images and charts.- Search for any game you want using the Giant Bomb Wiki database and access all of the related information. - Keep track of all the games you own and your progress through them.- Switch between dark and light modes and multiple colour themes.- Use the Swipe Menu or 3D Touch on the banners to access quick actions.- Customise your lists using banner images from your own photo library. This can be shared to all your favourite social media sites.- Get notifications when your most anticipated games are released.- View charts and statistics of your ratings and game completions.- Sync your game lists between devices with iCloud.

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 50.2 MB