Rabbler - The Social Polling AppRabbler is a complete social app to poll your friends and the community about things that are important to you. You can also microblog, comment on polls and chat with your friends. People all around the world use Rabbler to: Create polls with an intuitive UI Ask any type of question: Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Ranking Polls, Free Answer Polls Explore and browse through the results of interesting polls and discussions Make their voice count by voting in and commenting on polls they are passionate about Follow friends, celebrities, favourite sports teams and more Chat with and send Photos and Videos to friends and social groups Create private polls and start group discussions Micro-blog about interesting stuff happening around them

Rabbler - Social Polling alternatives

HaikuJAM: write poems together

HaikuJAM is a world of collaborative thoughts built by people like you. How it works is simple: write a few words on any topic and two others will add to your thought. If youre still not sure whether you need this in your life, heres what others are saying about HaikuJAM:An imaginative and inspiring way to connect and bond with strangers - Forbes A Zen garden for the mind - CNETA place to kindle the imagination and untangle stuck thinking - New York TimesOne of the best creative apps globally - The GuardianSo, can we jam?

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Swipe - Opinion Matters

What is Swipe?Swipe offers a platform for voting on social issues, sharing opinion or viewsSwipe is not a place for: mocking religions, races, peoples sexual orientation, or disparaging other peoples viewpoint; rather its a place for having healthy discussion on social topics or things that matter to common people in India. We believe potential of peoples voice has not been utilized yet. What can I do on Swipe:Explore, find, and learn about new topics and trending issuesMake your voice count by voting on the topics that interest you or matter to youShare your opinion to justify your voteParticipate by following an interesting discussion and actively sharing your views on the topicSubmit new topics or questions to collect other Swipe users viewsYou can read more about swipe app at https://timetoswipe.com/

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LocalCircles takes Social Media to the next level and makes it about Communities, Governance and Urban Daily Life. With LocalCircles, a citizen can get connected with their Government, City, Causes, Neighborhood, Interest, Needs and any other communities they are a part of.

Cuddll- Come Together

Suraksha - Bengaluru City Police

Bangalore Police SOS is a fully integrated personal safety app with Policing. The App turns your Smartphone into a discreet personal safety device for use during emergency. Key Features

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