We made a paper plane iPhone app. We have reproduced in iPhone app a paper plane that played at an early age. Try unable to locate the point where paper planes fly well.

Paper-Planes alternatives

Folded Flyer - Paper Plane Flying Game

Paper planes have never soared like this before Guide your glider through a colorful world full of danger and hidden collectibles to discover. Race to the finish line for the fastest times or search every nook and cranny for hidden rewards. Leave a review or reach out to the team behind Folded Flyer at http://foldedflyer.com.

  • size 248 MB

Bounce Run

Lets run, jump and play Experience Bouncing Action Game Dash across the world using Bouncing Cubes Its a game everyone can enjoy with simple ONE-TAP control. Score high in Rank Ratings, as well as World Ranking [ How to play / Rules ]- Press JUMP to Double-Jump- Bounce-Jump by pressing JUMP before touching Cube(If successful, jump count will not be deducted)- Touching Cubes sides enables run in reverse direction- You can hang onto edges of the ground- You can trample down enemy[ Game Mode ]- Score Attack ModeIts a mode to challenge how far you can go without fail Use Cubes effectively reach your goal - Time Attack ModeIts a mode to clear 100m in shortest seconds. Challenging stages awaits you Also perfect for practicing Score Attacks (This mode will be unlocked upon completing 100m in Score Attack Mode.)

  • size 29.1 MB

Floaty Plane - Fly that Paper Plane!

Fly the diving paper plane as far as you can in this COMPLETELY UNIQUE addictive endless game Tap left and right to dodge the obstacles - each one you avoid gives you a point. Bored of flappy games? - Mary McGamingtonFeatures:- Simple Controls- Share with Friends- Game Centre Support- Leaderboard- Achievements- Night mode- Funny Sounds- Mega fun times

  • rating 3.125
  • size 5.8 MB

Sky Climb

Get up to the sky by jumping while avoiding the rocks This is a lighthearted game with simple controls. Avoid rocks that fall from the sky by jumping, and climb the trees as high as you can If you crash into a rock, you will tragically fall to the depths. Well then, how many meters high into the sky can you climb?

  • rating 3.85714
  • size 15.4 MB