Jira in Motion (JiM for short) is a fast, beautiful and intuitive way to interact with Jira on your iPhone or iPad. Have a standup and wish you could quickly bring up Jira to help you with a status update? JiM to the rescue We support both Jira Cloud and Server (version 7.0 and above).Note: some features may require an add-on installed by your Jira admin.

Mobile JiM alternatives


Git2Go is the first app which unleashes your full Git productivity from everywhere. Clone all your repositories hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab EE or CE with just one tap. Youre also able to merge branches, handle merge conflicts and easily commit changes after youve edited code on-the-fly - All from your iPhone and iPad Say goodbye to desktop-bound work on repositories and start to benefit from a seamless Git integration and great development features on iOS:MERGE BRANCHES WITHOUT THE HASSLE- Easily merge branches with just one tap- Be finally able to react to merge conflicts and resolve them on-the-flyCOMMIT AND PUSH FROM EVERYWHERE- Contribute to repositories from everywhere by directly committing and pushing changes made on your iOS device- Enjoy full staging supportCONNECT TO YOUR FAVORITE GIT SERVICES- Perfect integration of public and private repositories hosted on GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Enterprise, GitLab EE/CE as well as self-hosted SSH repositories- Clone GitHub repositories directly from Safari into the Git2Go AppACCESS ALL YOUR REPOS TO TRACK CHANGES- Stay up to date on what happens within your code- Take a closer look at changes from other contributors and react to commitsALL THE TOOLS FOR POWERFUL CODE EDITNG BUILT RIGHT IN- Benefit from the flexibility to work on files whenever you need to with great built-in syntax highlighting for JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, CSS, C# C, Objective-C, Swift and HTML- Full support for working in other editors like Byword, Ulysses, Textastic through the Document Provider Extension- Import and commit files from other apps like Transmit or your own photo library

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JIRA Connect Professional

Are you often in meetings and wished you could quickly pull up details of a specific JIRA issue? Ever been in management reviews and needed to know how many enhancements are making the release? All registered trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners.

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Confluence Cloud

Confluence Cloud for Mobile lets you stay connected to your team and keep work moving while youre on the go. PLEASE NOTE: Confluence Cloud for Mobile only works with sites hosted by Atlassian in the cloud (atlassian.net).With Confluence Cloud, you can: Create and edit pages Stay up to date with your teams work with notifications for new pages, mentions, comments, tasks, likes, and page shares Quickly find pages youve recently viewed or worked on Go to any space and browse using the page tree Read pages or save them to read later on any device Like, comment on, and share pages See the latest activity from your Confluence site Search all of Confluence, or search within a specific spaceOther features: Prep for meetings with the Confluence pages for today widget. Let us know what you think by emailing confluence-m[email protected]

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App for Jenkins CIOpen source app that allows you to connect to your existing Jenkins servers. Please check out the development progress and latest changes at:https://github.com/rafiki270/iJenkins/

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Jira Cloud

Available for Jira Cloud sites hosted by Atlassian, the Jira app lets you and your team collaborate on projects anywhere. Track kanban boards and agile projects on the go Quickly respond to project updates and important conversations Create and edit tasks, tickets, and bugs Project management at your fingertipsJira is the leading task manager and bug tracker that helps agile teams with their project management. We want to hear from you

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