Delve into Information Technology - search multiple IT web sites in parallel Simply choose the IT source to search and let Delve crawl them in parallel, extracting pages with your keywords of interest. And now find the same search features at www. DelveSearch.comKey features Perform search in real time- Search for specific keywords- List all internal and external links- List all images- List all emails- Directly browse links and images within Delve- Email directly from Delve- Pages can be ranked according to relevanceUser Interface Simple user interface- Compatible with all iPhones and iPads- Portrait (iPhone and iPad) and Landscape (iPad) modes- Integrated web page viewer for links and images- Simply click on extracted email to send messageUsage Search for pages with specific keywords within a targeted websites- Quickly find contact emails within any website- Search for external website links- In depth website search and analysis- The perfect complement to your internet searches by drilling down in any identified websites of interest POWERED BY DELVE DEEP SEARCH ENGINE > Check out the full version of Delve Deep Search Engine also available for free on the App Store

Delve into Information Technology alternatives

Network Analyzer Lite - wifi info, scanner & ping

Network Analyzer Lite is a lite version of Network Analyzer - the ultimate tool for network analysis, LAN scanning and problem detection. Network Analyzer Lite can help you diagnose various problems in your wifi network setup and Internet connectivity thanks to the tools it provides. Everything works with both IPv4 and IPv6.WIFI LAN SCANNER Fast and reliable detection of all network devices IP address of discovered devices NetBIOS, mDNS (bonjour), LLMNR or DNS name where available Pingability test of discovered devices Detection of IPv6 availabilityPING Round trip delay testing including the servers IP address and hostname Support of both for IPv4 and IPv6 Country detection of the analyzed serverNETWORK INFORMATION Default gateway, external IP (v4 and v6), DNS server Wifi network information such as SSID, BSSID, IP address (v4 and v6), and subnet mask Cell network information such as IP address, network provider, MCC, MNCMORE Full support of IPv6 Detailed help Regular updates, support page

  • rating 4.93333

Power Clean-Remove Duplicate Photos & Scan Network

Power Clean is a small, fast, and practical cleaning tool for photo. Power Clean provides features like clean out duplicate photos; monitor and manage data usage; test network speed. Our team works hard to build the best app for you, welcome your feedback Contact us at [email protected]

  • rating 4.69934
  • size 43.5 MB

Norton WiFi Privacy VPN

Norton WiFi Privacy turns any public hotspot into a secure WiFi network and VPN with bank-grade data encryption to keep your information safe from hackers. Stream your favorite content anywhere you go. Get Norton WiFi Privacy and go online in public, privately.For feedback and suggestions, visit the support forum: For a detailed list of features, visit:

  • rating 5.0
  • size 46.2 MB

Xender: File Transfer, Sharing

Need to transfer file between phones or between phone and pc? Try Xender and experience the fastest all-in-one file transfer and sharing app Xender can send anything you want, from documents, photos, to videos, in an instant with a few taps. Stay ConnectedFacebook:[email protected]

  • size 46.8 MB