This APP is the multimeter measuring numerical real-time uploaded to phones, conditions for remote monitoring measurement, and can carry on processing functions such as data transmission and storage


Signal Generator: Audio Test Tone Utility

Signal Generator is an app that produces audio test tones. The basic app produces sine waves, and it can be extended and customized (via in-app purchases) to produce white noise, pink noise, frequency sweeps, and (on iPhone 4 and better) square waves, sawtooth waves, and triangle waves. This app can be used to: Test Speakers and Headphones Balance your Home Theater System Tune Your Car Audio System Mask Environmental Noise Burn In Headphones Tune Musical Instruments

  • size 7.9 MB

Smart Metal Detector

Metal Detector is an application which detects the presence of metal nearby by measuring the magnetic field value. This useful tool uses the magnetic sensor built-in your mobile device and shows magnetic field level in T (microtesla). Contact us ([email protected]), and we will try to help.

  • size 18.0 MB

Ruler On Screen: Unlimited-Length Measuring Tape

This app turns your iPhone into an unlimited-length ruler. Features:- Unlimited-length- Support both inch and centimeter- Back to top feature- Unit switch function- Easy to use- Good-looking UIHow To Use:Put your finger on the screen, and slide iPhone/iPad with the other hand.

  • rating 3.12
  • size 18.8 MB

Network Multimeter

Network Multimeter is an iPhone app that lets you move around your house, coffee shop, or any wifi location and determine where the best network speed is availablejust like youd use an analog multimeter to determine which batteries in your drawer have the most power left. Unlike most network speed test apps this one is designed to give you a continuous and instant indication of the quality of the wireless network right where youre standing. Older versions of Network Multimeter support iOS 5 and higher.

  • size 8.2 MB

EMF Radiation Detector

The technologies we use today, from our everyday appliances, cell phones, even our cars, emit electromagnetic radiation & EM radiation that can penetrate and affect us, seriously compromising our health and disturbing our environments. When you come to magnetic radiation, the body is as easily penetrated as air. To ensure the accuracy of the data keep the iPhone away from metal objects, magnets and speakers.

  • rating 3.125
  • size 2.8 MB