IMPORTANT: THIS APP CAN ONLY BE USED BY IFAA PRIME CUSTOMERSfor more information please visit www.ifaa-prime.deIFAA PRIME MUSIC PLAYER is a MUST HAVE for fitness instructors and presenters. Renowned personalities from the fitness and aerobic scene supported its development. Advantages for group fitness instructors: - gapless playback (even for your custom playlists) - crossfades- time shifting from 50 - 250 BPM - never change CDs during courses again - automatic BPM recognition of your songs (indicated by a green dot next to the title)Featuring great usability and a snappy user interface IFAA PRIME MUSIC PLAYER is the perfect tool for you.

IFAA PRIME Music Player alternatives

Runtastic Timer App

Perfect for your HIIT workouts, circuit and interval training. This easy-to-use interval timer app with voice feedback allows you to focus on your workouts (the most important thing ). Define your workout intervals (workout, rest period, sets, reps) and construct unique, personalized interval workouts APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:- Customize your timer with various activity phases:* Workout* Rest period* Reps* Sets- Voice feedback: Constantly looking at your iPhone and clock is a problem of the past- Create an infinite number of timers, save them, and use these again and again- Determine sets of workout phases and rest periods, and how often you want to repeat your circuit- Motivation for your training: Choose the right music for every workout phase from your playlists- Volume control for every phase: Define the volume of your music beforehand to adjust it to workout and resting phases- Displays both total time and remaining timeUse our timer app while training at the gym, with weights, kettle bells, spinning, bodyweight exercises or other fitness activities The Runtastic Timer app is also a great fit for those engaging in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), interval training, or bootcamp-style circuit training The countdown is on Download the practical Runtastic Timer app today, and enjoy the unique timing benefits during fitness activities and in your everyday life

  • size 56.0 MB

Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness

Asana Rebel is the only Yoga Inspired Fitness app in the world. We are changing the way that women work out & stay healthy, by making the process fun Youll not only see the same fitness results as you would in a hardcore HIIT program, but at the same time youll feel relaxed & more confident than ever before. Privacy policy of Asana Rebel: and conditions of Asana Rebel:

  • rating 5.0
  • size 126 MB

Polar Flow

Polar Flow Polar GPS * Polar Flow *BalanceLoopLoop 2Loop CrystalA300A360A370M200M400M430M450M460M600V650 V800 POLAR FLOW Polar Flow Polar Polar Lifewire Polar Flow Wareable Polar Flow Polar 100 24 Polar Sleep Plus Polar A370Polar M430Sleep Plus Polar A370Polar M430Polar M600M450 V650 BalanceLoopLoop 2Loop CrystalA300A360A370M200M400M430M450M460M600V650 V800 Bluetooth Smart Polar Flow Polar Flow Apple Health Polar Flow[email protected] Polar

  • rating 4.8

Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweight is the most effective fitness training program, adapted to your schedule, your fitness level and your goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply get in better shape.- 10-30 minute workouts based on bodyweight only.- No equipment. Your body is your only tool. Send us an email: [email protected]: Prolonged usage of GPS can impair the durability of a rechargeable battery.

  • size 101 MB


Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet, youll love MyFitnessPal. Consumer Reports #1 rated diet PC Magazine Editors Choice Selection #1 Health and Fitness app for 4 years straightAlso featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, USA Today, Family Circle, Marie Claire, NBC, CNET, Shape, the Today Show and more. For our full terms and conditions and our privacy policy, please visit:

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  • size 168 MB