Happy time to Tricks and Treats Want to scare your friends, family, and neighbors on Halloween? but in a most unexpected way: Scariest or Funniest, its up to you This app has 100++ realistic, extremely scary voices and horror sounds: Halloween Vocals, Incoming Suspense, Girls Mockingbird, Snarling Dogs, No Mercy, Dark Laugh, Evil Laugh, Aaahhhh, bark and growl, chain monster grunts, crow, deep laugh, demoniclaghter, door creak scream, electric current, laugh howl, mad scream, night sounds, some laughing, screetch and howl EXTREMELY SCARY SOUNDBOARD, BUT I WANT SOMETHING FUNNY Thank you so much

Horror Sounds & Scary Voices in a Scariest or Funniest Way alternatives

Loud Mouth

Meet Loud Mouth. Hes loud Hes obnoxious and he could likely use a breath mint but that wont stop him from blurting out whatever hes thinking Choose from over 100 pre-recorded sayings in categories like sarcasm, taunts, yelling, laughter, painful (our favorite), drunk, flirty, attitude and more. IMPORTANT A 3GS or later device is recommended for best performance

  • rating 3.65363
  • size 15.4 MB

Halloween Voice Transformer

Trick your friends and give yourself a treat this Halloween Record yourself saying anything then morph your voice into an eerie alien, wicked witch, grim reaper, scary monster, spacey robot, or spooky ghost. Sure to provide hours of fun and endless practical joke possibilities. Features:-save all your spooky voices-email, share on Facebook, or text them-choose from 6 different voice transforms

  • size 8.5 MB

Scary Prank Scare Your Friends With Horror Monster

RECORD A VIDEO OF YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES GETTING SCAAAAARREEDD 1. Scary prank reloaded application appears to be an idiot one with easy gaming feature, But the victim is being video-recorded without knowing ;)2. Authors of this application do not take responsibility of any results using this application.

  • rating 4.62308
  • size 26.5 MB

Funny Voices & Sound Changer Effects

Sound of Life bring smiling to you and your friends Sound of Life gives you 100++ SOUND and MAKE OWNER FUN EFFECTS So many funny sound to keep you relaxing all day. App for your daily dose of humor FEATURES: Over 100 high quality voices. Enjoy

  • size 40.2 MB

Halloween Scary Sound Effects Movie maker Games

Halloween Soundboard App for you and your Family is Completely Free. May be you have downloaded the Many Soundboard games and apps for Sound Effects but This is completely different from others. Most Scariest Sounds to scare your friends & familyDOWNLOAD NOW IT IS COMPLETELY FREE

  • rating 4.66667
  • size 100 MB