Fire Cal is a fire department shift calendar designed to use three teams (platoons) and three shifts that provide 24-hour coverage. Select from a number of pre-set fire department shift schedules or submit a request to add your department. Schedule vacations, shift trades, track sick days and more You can also share your calendar with a spouse or friend to allow them to view your schedule and upcoming events.

Fire Cal alternatives

Shifty Calendar

Shifty is a simple shift calendar for all kinds of crazy schedules. Shifty makes it easy to add and view events that always change, which is common among shift workers like nurses, doctors, retail staff, etc. Drop an email at [email protected]

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  • size 23.4 MB

FireSync Shift Calendar

FireSync is not merely a Firefighter Shift Calendar, its also a full-featured calendar app with powerful cloud-enabled features just for firefighters. Whether or not you want to keep track of your trades, overtimes, or just your kids soccer practices, FireSync can do it all. Get the word out to your brothers and sisters in your firehouse and IAFF local.

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  • size 65.3 MB


This was developed for public safety officials but can be used for anyone wanting to keep their work schedule separate. Includes functionality to create a repeating non-traditional (different days on/off) work schedule. Please visit or search U.S. Cop for information.

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  • size 36.0 MB

Shift Master Shift Calendar

Fully configurable Shift Calendar app for Firefighter, EMS and Paramedic Professionals. This app is now the flag ship app in the series and provides for full customization for up to 4 platoons/teams with single shift or first/second shift on a shift pattern rotation of up to 35 days in length.

  • size 1.8 MB

Fire Shifts

A free customizable Fire and EMS Shift Calendar. Easily select various shift types such as 24/48 (ABC), 48/96 (AABBCC), etc. Email [email protected] for support.

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  • size 11.7 MB