E3 Controller is an application designed to enable remote control of a Disklavier E3 or DKC-850.All functions that were possible with the infrared remote control (that was included with the Disklavier E3 or DKC-850) have been made available on iOS devices (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad). Moreover, the E3 Controller displays the screen of the control unit of Disklavier, so you dont have to physically go to the piano to confirm, for example, a song title. Users Guide:You can access the E3 Controller Users Guide by tapping the triangle button in the lower-right corner of the display.

E3 Controller alternatives

ShurePlus MOTIV

Use the ShurePlus MOTIV app for high-quality digital recording and editing with any MOTIV microphone or as a stand-alone tool. Features Make real-time adjustments to the MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone: Polar pattern selection (stereo, cardioid, bidirectional, raw mid-side) Adjustable stereo width (60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135 degrees) Wind noise reduction: Low-frequency cutoff filter to eliminate rumble caused by environmental noise Left-right channel swap: Flips the left and right audio channels to match video that is recorded when the microphone is reversed in certain phone/tablet positions. Record uncompressed audio at multiple bit depths/sample rates 36 dB of adjustable gain for MOTIV microphones High-resolution metering Preset modes to automatically adjust gain, equalization, and compression 5-band equalizer Limiter Compressor Edit recordings using trim or split options Share files via email, text, iTunes, Airdrop and Dropbox Save to compressed formats (ALAC, AAC 96, 128, 256) Save your audio recording as video

  • size 23.2 MB

GOM Remote controller LITE

GOM Remote LITE is a GOM player remote controller for iPhone/iPod/iPadIt controls Your media in comfort of Your home wireless network. YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrIf-rhTj5kINTRODUCTIONGomRemote LITE application lets You control media files on Your PC computerruning GOM player (for Windows) remotely. Copyrights to GOM Player are owned by Gretech Corp. www.gomlab.com

  • rating 2.38462
  • size 3.2 MB


JGFFTViewer is a live FFT viewer to see the frequencies in sound around you and a noise meter(or sound meter). You can also view the actual waveform of the audio signal. If the curved line of frequencies becomes a colored line in red, then it tell you that the environment around you is not quiet, or not suitable to have a time you have to concentrate.

  • rating 4.83333
  • size 0.1 MB

4Gmark (3G / 4G speed test)

4Gmark is a tool offering a comprehensive and reliable benchmark of the quality of service for smartphones. It allows you to compare smartphones, networks or places on every technologies 2G (Edge, Gprs), 3G (Umts, Hsdpa, H+, Dual-carrier), 4G (LTE) and Wifi. It calculates a score which let you compare between them different smartphones, networks or places.

  • size 52.8 MB

FTP Server

FTP Serverby SavySoda The Free Version of WiFi FTP with Ad Support From the makers of the critically acclaimed WiFi Hard Drive and the #1 Business App on iTunes - Documents. Leave your USB keys behind, your iPhone and IPT can do all that and MORE WiFi FTP is:- SUPER RELIABLE (unlike other FTP apps)- EASY TO USE (single button click)- SUPER FAST (copies GIGS of data in minutes)WiFi FTP is the ultimate FTP Server for your iPhone. Utility apps:http:/www.savysoda.com/WiFiFTP

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