A very simple DIP switch calculator, with lighting technician use in mind. Easy calculation to and from DIP switch values. Also has the ability to set a fixture offset, for example if your fixture takes up 25 channels, you can simply enter 25 into the # of channels box, and press next fixture to get the next address.

DMX DIP alternatives


iRigging provides tools and reference data for many areas of rigging, including wire rope, battens, arbors, sheaves, stage ropes, motors, curtains, and fleet angles.

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DMX Dip allows you to easily calculate the correct address setting on your fixture. DMX Dip saves you valuable time, you dont have to calculate what dip switches you have to set to put your fixture on an address. Set the offset to 4 and with the press of a single button you get all those addresses in no time.

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iRFR Preview

The Preview iRFR application for the Eos family of products - Eos, Ion and Element - provides a view-only Cue List display of the active cue list. ideal for lighting designers and stage managers who need to only see current and pending cues, this application works on the iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad products. On the iPad, this application makes it possible for designers to take notes on cues, copy those notes to a text file and email them as needed.

  • size 35.8 MB

Airstream DMX

Airstream DMX is a lighting control app, ideal for DJs, trade shows, night clubs and bands. Wirelessly control your ADJ Wifly equipped lights using the ADJ Airstream DMX Bridge, available from you local ADJ Products dealer. App Features:- easy to program- supports 24 lighting fixtures- single DMX512 universe (512 lighting channels)- shared universe for wired and wireless lights- optimized for LED fixtures and color mixing- effects generator for movement, color and flash effects- scene, effects and show memoriesNote: ADJ Airstream Bridge is required for this app to control lights.

  • size 16.1 MB

Live Mobile

Live Mobile allows you to control your lighting equipment remotely from anywhere. Simply enter the IP of the computer where is running the software The Lighting Controller which is driving the lighting equipment. Live Mobile automatically connects to the PC software, and it mirrors the screen called Live.

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