A beautiful way to count anything. Save multiple counters. Set a custom value to increment by.

Counter++: Count and tally anything. alternatives

Tally Counters

Tally Counters is a personal counter to let you easily track unlimited things in your life USE IT FOR EVERYTHING: How many hours did i paid for? How many cupcakes did i eat this month? I recommend this app for your counting jobs

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Count your score and show your success Whether its how many snails youve saved or how many bugs youve fixed, TallyMarks lets you count them in a good old fashioned way - paint your marks on the wall You can add as many entries as you want, change and rearrange them anytime. Share your success with your friends

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Flexible Counter

Count things in style, your way. Supports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 counters with user-selected images, label text, and colors; 15 click sounds or none; optional minus and clear buttons; reverse plus/minus; 0.01-100 units per touch; all configurable per counter. Reviews are not monitored for support feedback.

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Counters - Keep Tally of Coffee Cups, Count The Inventory Items or Set People Attendance Counter Limit

Keep Count of All the Things that Matter to You - With This Beautiful, Simple and Powerful Counters App - How many cups of coffee did you have this week?- Did you ever need to count a batch of exactly 100 items?- How many shooting star wishes did you make this year*? * App cant make a Shooting Star wish come true for You :-) or maybe it can? Thank you and kind regards

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Marks - Count It

Marks is the app to keep track of anything, be it the scores for a game, how many times you did laundry this month, or the number of times that weird guy on the subway has made eye contact with you. Now, go count it.

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