If you are interested in learning to write code this app is definitely for you. You can write simple programs in many different languages such as: C C++ Ruby PHP PythonThe new version of this app includes: Line numbers and Simple syntax highlightingThere are more programming languages coming and more tweaks to how the editor works and looks so stay tuned.

Brace-Editor Programming for iPhone/iPad alternatives

JSON Designer

Start modeling - finally We all love our de-facto standard JSON.If you are new to the app: this app is out for a couple of years now and people greatly appreciate it. It is a design tool primarily, and has always been for free as my part of giving back to the developer community. In regards of subscriptions please review the terms of use and privacy policy on jsondesigner.com/privacyterms

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DevKey - Developer Keyboard for Programming

The all-purpose developer keyboard. An iOS Keyboard for developing in any programming language directly on your iPhone or iPad. Compatible with any text or code-editing app.

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Dat Python Lite

Simple Python 2.7 Interpreter with syntax highlighting editor

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Not Emacs

Not Emacs is a text editor for programmers that supports many of the most common emacs keybindings. It allows editing iCloud documents that are automatically available from other devices. It has syntax highlighting for the following languages: Lisp, Scheme, JavaScript, CSS and XML.

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console.log: JavaScript code editor with syntax

console.log is a dead simple JavaScript code editor and runner when you just want to check something that just popped in your head. Following methods are supported for loggingconsole.logconsole.infoconsole.warnconsole.errorHow to use: simply write your code and tap run to see the outputOther features- Copy or Share your code- Syntax highlighting- No ads

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