Blockr Plus is a HUGE improvement over Blockr- Stop ads once and for all. After a lot of work, Blockr Plus has added support not only to block ordinary ads, but also YouTube* ads. Voila All of YouTube Red* for only .99 in this app *YouTube and YouTube Red are registered trademarks of Google, Inc All rights reserved

Blockr Plus alternatives

AdBuster - Block Ads and Trackers in Safari

Save data and speed up your Safari - block ads, trackers, unnecessary resouces and bypass anti-adblock detectors. Say goodbye to: - ads and banners- autoplaying videos- fake x buttons- scrolling banners- timed popups- redirects to xxx websites- YouTube video ads in Safari- collection of your data onlineEnjoy better Safari:- 3-5x faster web browsing- on average 53% lower data usage- improved battery lifeExtra features:- bypass anti-adblock detectors- block adult content (make browsing safe for kids)- sync settings between your devices with iCloud- built-in button in Safari for quick changes- hide obtrusive Allow Cookies prompts - hide comment sections on popular websitesFound an advertisement that made it through? Did AdBuster made your life better?> Leave a review and spread the word - most of iPhone/iPod/iPad users still dont know that they can block ads inside SafariAdBuster is universal app and runs on these iOS 9 devices:+ iPhone 5S and later+ iPad Air and later+ iPad Mini 2 and later+ iPod touch 6th generation and later

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AdBlocker - block Ads & Browse Faster

DOWNLOAD NOW Black Friday SALE FREE ONLY FOR 24 HOURS GET RID OF ADS HIGH PERFORMANCE AdBlocker ( ) DOWNLOAD NOW and BROWSE up to 3X FASTER with the best, simplest and fastest premium blocker for Safari on iOS for your iPhone 5S or higher and iPad Air,Mini AdBlocker BLOKS:- ads - pop-ups- user tracking- scripts and moreGET THE BEST FEATURES: Get better browsing experience - instantly make your browsing up to 3x FASTER Reduce your data consumption on Cellular & Wi-Fi by up to 50% Browse the web clutter-free restore precious screen space taken up by junk Protect your privacy: AdBlocker never intercepts or sees any of your traffic Improve battery life as a result of reducing data consumptionAdBlocker works seamlessly with Safari right out of the box. AdBlocker is a content blocker for Safari that blocks ads, tracking, and more. With free regular updates, all users receive the best and latest of AdBlocker.

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Electronics Calculators

THNAKS FOR DOWNLOADING AND USING THIS USEFUL APP This application is easy to use , it can be used for the following :- Finding the value of resistor using color code(resistor color code calculator).- Finding the value of inductor using color code(inductor color code calculator).- Ohms law calculator .- Power calculator.- 555 timer (astable) calculating output frequency.- 741 op-amp inverting and non-inverting configuration ,calculating the output voltage.- FM Transmitter (simple design of an FM transmitter) calculating output frequency or required capacitor value.- Online chat with other users , so you can exchange experience .

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PureBlock: Ad Blocker, Faster Web Browsing Save Data & Money

Follow Us: Instagram: @guyjuniorv Snapchat: guyversonAre you sick and tired of popup ads, unwanted page redirects and many more anoying advertisments on the internet, PureBlock is the perfect solution for you. Features:- Block ads- Save Tones of money on data- Browser speed up to 4x faster- Clean web page

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  • size 23.2 MB